Board Of Director

I. Mr. Shahid Hussain (C.M.D)

He is the founder of Lohaar and serving to the company as Chief Managing Director He has around 25 years of successive experience in engineering and construction industry.Initially he has started his carrier by founding a firm S.A.Engineering in 1994 after that he founded another company Lohaar in 2015. He is highly skilled and educated person heaving the practical knowledge of Designing, Project Planning and Project Management. He has also the great experience in Fabrication, Erection of Steel Structures and in Construction of R.C.C Structures, he knows very well that how to deliver a good quality project with in time by considering all the health and safety measures. In his past career he has successfully deliveredmore than 350 minor and major projects for different industries. Now he is executing many Steel and civil Constructional Projects across the India for different industries by assuring to Company clients that Lohaar will complete these projects within given time without compromising the quality and safety.

II. Mr. Sadab Lohaar (M.D)

He is serving to the company as Managing Director.He has started his career during the studies in his teenage with his father in their firm S.A.Engineering, he learnt lots of techniques of Project Execution, Project Management, Project Designing, and Project Commissioning from his father finally he has completed his bachelor degree of engineering (B-tech Mechanical) in 2014 after that he also completed his master’s degree of structural engineering (M-tech Structure) in year 2016 so he got around 11 years of experience in engineering and construction industry heaving unbelievable knowledge in Designing, Fabrication & Erection of Pre-Fabricated Steel Building, Modern Steel Structures and Conventional Steel Structures.He was also very familiar with construction industry from his past that’s why he has excellent skills in Designing and Analysis of R.C.C Structures, Load bearing and Non-Load bearing Structures. For now he is working in Lohaar, dealing with new clients for the execution of their precious projects with premium quality in an economic rage.

III. Mr. Sahjad Lohaar (C.E.O)

He is serving to the company as Chief Executive Officer.He has started his career by joining Lohaar after the completion of his Master of Commerce ( in 2014 after that he did Master of Business (M.B.A) in year 2016 to give the ultimate heights of success in business to Lohaar and then after he did Bachelor of Laws (LL.B) in year 2019 but during these studies he was integrated with different practices with his father (C.M.D) and elder brother (M.D) as well as with different professionals of Commerce, Businesses, Taxation and laws. So in these 9 years of stream,he got the great experiences of commercial sector and thenhe became a Master of Business, Commerce, Taxation and Laws. For the present time he is controlling Lohaar commercially by building the bond between integrated professionals, Company clients and with public.

IV. Mr. Noor Lohaar (C.O.O)

He is serving to the company as Chief Operating Officer he has started his career in 2020 by joining Lohaar after the completion of his bachelor of architecture (B-arch) and with some Exceptional Studies related to Design and Analysis of Modern Steel Structures and Composite Structures he also has Excellent Practical Knowledge in this field by being familiar with his family business and practicing with Professionals.He has joined Lohaar withan aim of building distinct profile of the company in the market ofIndian engineering and construction industry byimplementing Modern Architecture, latest Construction Technologies and Innovative Materials in the projects of the company.As he is youngand an architect with his imaginative mind so he has lots of ideas, thoughts and plans forthe development of company projects and for the overall development of the Indian infrastructure.


  • We look the future of Indian building and infrastructure with steel because it is a versatile material heaving a huge composition of qualities for building construction and infrastructure development
  • We look forward “we have been working on lots of projects by using sustainable material steel and so others with two innovative method of construction pre-fabricated construction and composite construction”


  • To become a Right Choice for the development of infrastructure in engineering and construction industry of India.
  • To become the first company of India who will sustain the natural resources of material by using sustainable materials like Steel, Fly ash, Gypsum board and so many in building construction and development of infrastructure.

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