Lohaar is one of India’s ReliableDesigner, Engineer, Manufacturer and Builder for infrastructure development in Indian engineering and construction industry since over a decade. So in this stream we serve these facilities on a turnkey basis from designing to complete execution for different projects of both industrial and commercial sectors at present we are providing these three construction facilities to clients follows

  • Modern Steel Construction
  • Civil Construction
  • Composite Construction

Lohaar ensure that he is capable for doing any kind of project in from of as he described because it is back grounded by all of these qualities described below.

  • A- Project planning and Designing
  • B- Project management
  • C- Quality control, Health and Safety Management and Environmental Management
  • D- Project fabrication and construction
  • E- Project completion

A- Project planning and Designing

Lohaar heaving a state of art of designing facility, where 20 designers heaving latest designing skills and software skills, design each and every part of simple and complex steel structures as well as R.C.C structures free of costas per world latest designing codes to suits the client’s needs and project need by generating all these drawings.

  • Conceptual drawings
  • Zoning drawings
  • Site plans
  • Floor plans and layout plans
  • Sections and elevations
  • Shop drawings and working drawings
  • Erection drawings and rendered 3d Views.

B- Project management

Lohaar has a team of highly skilled peoples whom heaving years of experience in project planning and management they manage the project by using the guidelines of PMI, PERT and CPM as per completion time and clients requirements to suit the Lohaar working capabilities.

C- Quality control, Health and Safety Management and Environmental Management

Lohaar always feels very proud to be certified by the international standard organization (ISO) we follow all the certification criteria’s and standards of these certificates in the execution of each and every project

D- Project fabrication and construction

Lohaar ensure that Lohaar has a state of art of manufacturing facility in well spread IDEB industrial estate of Mahuakhera Ganj at Kashipur, Uttarakhand Plant spread over in 55,000 Sq. Feet area heaving its 1200 Ton/Month production capacity with the help of equipped world latest fabrication machinery. Lohaar also ensure that every construction is done, accordance with Indian standards of civil construction by taking minimum time, saving cost and by giving premium quality with the help of latest construction machinery and equipment’s.

E- Project completion

Lohaar ensure that his team have years of experience of completion and they always committed to manage any kind of major and minor project because they give their 100% to each and every project at every stage they always try to start the project as soon as possible and try to complete it on time without compromise with the quality and safety.

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